Name:Insyde Secure Boot Checkup (For UEFI Booting Windows® 8 Systems)
Publisher:Insyde Software Corp.
Purpose:This application is used to examine the Secure Boot settings of a Windows 8 Personal Computer.
Secure Boot database or boot order may be checked and direct restart into firmware menus is provided.
• Requires Microsoft Windows® 8 or Windows Server 2012 or later.
• Windows must be installed and configured to use UEFI boot.
• UEFI boot is a requirement of factory-installed Windows 8 but may not be used on upgraded system.
• UEFI Secure Boot requires system to be compliant with UEFI Specification 2.3.1C or later.
• System Administrator access required.
• Install suitable for x64 or x86 versions of Windows 8 or later.
• This is a Desktop-style application and installation of DT apps may be restricted on WinRT systems.
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